elements | Estate Planning Advice for Same-Sex Couples 同性伴侶遺產管理準備

elements | Estate Planning Advice for Same-Sex Couples 同性伴侶遺產管理準備

elements | Estate Planning Advice for Same-Sex Couples 同性伴侶遺產管理準備 900 600 Hugill & Ip
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As part of a series of initiatives that highlight the importance of achieving a more diverse and inclusive society, Hugill & Ip joins hands with elements for a live seminar and webinar on “Estate Planning Advice for Same-Sex Couples”.

During the event, Alfred Ip walks the audience through the current legal framework and recent judicial review proceedings which have recently improved recognition of same-sex couples’ entitlements under the Intestates’ Estate Ordinance (Cap. 73). Specific emphasis is given to Estate Planning and Administration for same-sex couples, and several existing tools to protect the interests of LGBTQ+ individuals: Wills, Enduring Power of Attorney, Advance Health Directives, post-death arrangements and potential shortfalls under the current legal landscape. Henry Li also joins the event speaking about his personal experience within the court system and several claims brought forward on inheritance rights.

Hugill & Ip dedicates a substantial amount of time to pro bono work and sets up events with the goal of increasing legal awareness within our society. elements is a volunteer group set up in 2007 and operating under Project Touch – BGCA’s umbrella which aims to support LGBTQ+ individuals and the needs of their family members. The group also aims to positively promote LGBTQ+ group culture and to drive for a social environment which respect differences. Besides, elements helps refer LGBTQ+ individuals and their parents who need Cantonese/Mandarin counseling services to Project Touch’s registered social workers.

作為強調實現更加多元化和包容社會一系列活動之一,高葉律師行(Hugill & Ip) 與elements義工組攜手舉辦了一場關於“同性伴侶遺產管理準備” 的工作坊。

在該次活動中,葉煥信律師 (Alfred Ip) 跟與會者闡述了香港法例第73章《無遺囑者遺產條例》下就同性伴侶權益的現行法律框架及對改進同性伴侶權益的相關近期司法覆核案件的認知。葉煥信律師亦有特別分享有關同性伴侶遺產管理及執行和幾種能保障LGBT+群眾的有效且實際的方法,其中包括: 遺囑、持久授權書、預設醫療指示、死後安排和現行法規下的潛在不足。 李亦豪先生 (Henry Li) 亦有參與是次研討會並分享了他於香港司法制度下的個人經驗和有關繼承權益上所申訴的幾個案件。

高葉律師行 (Hugill & Ip) 投入大量時間從事公益事務及設立活動以提高我們社會的法律意識。elements義工組是2007年起在香港小童群益會性向無限計劃支援下所成立的義工組織,致力於支援同志及其家人的成長需要,帶動正面的同志社群文化,並推動尊重差異的社會環境。 此外,義工組亦會協助有需要的同志青少年及家長轉介至性向無限計劃提供社工輔導服務。詳情可瀏覽:elements義工組Facebook專頁,香港小童群益會性向無限計劃網站


  • 00:00:00 簡介 General introduction
  • 00:29:00 未立遺囑而去世 Died Intestate
  • 00:37:26 立遺囑而去世 Died Testate
  • 00:41:22 訂立遺囑考慮事項 Considerations When Making a Will
  • 00:44:51 訂立遺囑 Making a Will
  • 00:46:31 遺囑修改和失效 Amendment and Revocation of Will
  • 00:51:03 未立遺囑而去世和立遺囑而去世的不同 Differences between dying testate and intestate
  • 00:57:44 死後安排 Post-death arrangements
  • 01:05:06 持久授權書 Enduring Power of Attorney
  • 01:14:58 預設醫療指示 Advanced Health Directives
  • 01:18:53 監護令 Guardianship Order
  • 01:23:15 同性婚姻伴侶一方的病後及死後安排流程圖 Flowchart Summary
  • 01:25:28 香港現行法規下遺產安排仍存在的問題 Outstanding Issues under Current Law
  • 01:34:36 李亦豪先生個人分享 Henry Li shares his personal story — 悼念吳翰林Edgar Ng:香港同志平權未完夢
  • 01:57:58 Q&A


The full content of the webinar and the Q&A session is available in Chinese. 全部網上研討會和問答環節的內容均有中文提供。

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