Commercial Radio Hong Kong | The Importance of Estate Planning – 遺產規劃的重要性

Commercial Radio Hong Kong | The Importance of Estate Planning – 遺產規劃的重要性

Commercial Radio Hong Kong | The Importance of Estate Planning – 遺產規劃的重要性 1200 1200 Hugill & Ip
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Kengo and Alfred Ip discuss Estate Planning, same-sex marriage and LGBT rights on Commercial Radio 903 National Education. Topics included:

  • Since same-sex marriage is not recognized in Hong Kong, how can these couples face situations as sickness and death?
  • If a Will can partially solve problems arising from the failure to recognize gay marriage, how important is to push for LGBT rights and civil rights equality?

The program was broadcast on Commercial Radio Hong Kong Channel 2 (FM 90.3) on 8 December 2019 and can be accessed on the Commercial Radio website. The content of the program is only available in Chinese.

Copyrights: Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Company Limited

Until the end of 2019, your donations to AIDS Concern will benefit this important cause and Hugill & Ip shall offer to write a simple will for a single person upon receiving confirmation of your contribution of a minimum of HK$3,800 (or HK$5,800 for a set of wills for a couple). New ongoing or renewals of monthly donations (for a minimum of HK$300 and 12 months) also apply.  Wills of Concern

商業電台903國民教育,健吾與葉煥信律師(Alfred Ip) 討論遺產規劃及同性平權 。此廣播的内容只有中文版本 。話題包括:

  • 同性婚姻在香港不獲承認,同性伴侶面對生老病死,又可以怎樣避免一無所有?
  • 如果一張遺囑可以解決同性婚姻不獲承認所衍生的問題,推動同志平權又是否重要?



公眾可以透過捐款支持「關懷愛滋」的工作,從今日起至2019年12月31日,捐款達3,800港元可獲得Hugill&Ip律師事務所的個人簡單遺囑草擬服務(二人遺囑為捐款5,800港元),現有或更新每月捐款(最低費用為300港元和12個月)亦同樣適用。Wills of Concern

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