We will write your Deed of Guardianship for direct donations to Mother’s Choice


Donate a minimum of HK$4,800 from 9 November to 6 December 2020 and then book your appointment with us before 30 April 2021. Your donations can benefit your children or you may nominate a friend or someone in need via Mother’s Choice families’ network.


Your donations can be made by credit card, ATM and bank transfer or cheque and are fully tax deductible. Mother’s Choice will provide you with a donation receipt accordingly. When you book your appointment, kindly specify the name of whom you wish to benefit with your donation or mark “MC network” for individuals in need appointed by the charity.

您可以透過信用卡,自動櫃員機,銀行轉帳或支票進行捐款,並可申請免稅。「母親的抉擇」將會為閣下提供捐款收據。預約時,請注明指定受益的人的姓名,或標記“ MC network”由慈善機構分配給需要幫助的人。

Hugill & Ip and Mother’s Choice are excited about this joint charity campaign to raise funds to benefit the many children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong.

We kick off our fundraiser on 9 November – World Adoption Day – while we celebrate the whole November as Adoption Awareness Month, hosting a series of events and publishing materials to support adoptive families in the community.

Make your donation, then book your appointment at campaigns@hugillandip.com

高葉律師行(Hugill & Ip)聯同「母親的抉擇」合作,籌集資金支援社區,包括香港很多沒有家庭的孩子和意外懷孕的少女。

活動將於2020年11月9日- 世界領養日- 正式開始,為慶祝十一月世界領養月,我們將會舉辦一系列的活動和出版刊物以支持香港社區裏的領養家庭。

成功捐款到「母親的抉擇」後,電郵至 campaigns@hugillandip.com 聯絡高葉律師行進行預約。







「母親的抉擇」是香港《稅務條例》第 88 條認可的慈善機構(1987)

Since 1987, Mother’s Choice has given hope and changed the life stories of thousands of children, youth, and families through its holistic services.

November is Adoption Awareness Month and will see a series of discussions and activities to raise awareness about this topic. Through the Pregnant Girls Services, Mother’s Choice supports young girls facing crisis pregnancy, and provides tailored support based on the choice that they make for themselves and their future, including placing their children for adoption. Through the Child Care Home and Foster Care Services, Mother’s Choice provides temporary care for children without families, some of whom may be awaiting adoption. The organisation’s Adoption Services fight for every child to have the opportunity to thrive, by helping them to join a forever family.

Mother’s Choice received accreditation form the Adoption Unit of the Hong Kong Social Welfare Department in 2010, becoming one of three partner agencies providing adoption services and conduct adoption suitability assessments for prospective families. The organisation is a member of the Community Chest of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Council of Social Services.

The Local Adoption Services works with prospective and current adoptive families living in Hong Kong. They prepare, assess, equip, and empower families to provide a loving, stable and permanent home where children can thrive. Adoption is a lifelong journey, and all of us ought to be committed to walking alongside adoptive families through workshops, activities, and peer support.

When a family cannot be found for a child within Hong Kong, the Intercountry Adoption Services prepares and champions children to be adopted abroad. Mother’s Choice works with six adoption agencies in the U.S. to ensure that every child thrives in a safe, loving, and permanent family.

Mother’s Choice has a Hong Kong IRD s88 charitable status (1987).

About Guardianship


The Guardianship of Minors Ordinance plays a crucial role in making arrangements for the long-term welfare and interests of your children. Parents and guardians can appoint other people to act as future guardians for their children in the event of the death or incapacity of both parents or the current guardians.

Signing over temporary custody can protect your children in situations when you are unavailable to momentarily provide for their care. It is especially important to consider appointing temporary guardians who live in Hong Kong to take care of your children until the appointed permanent guardians arrive in the territory or until you are able to do so yourself.

《未成年人監護條例》 在安排兒童長遠福利和利益方面,發揮重要功用。未成年人的父母或監護人,可委任任何人於其去世後充任未成年人的監護人。


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What You Need to Know about Adoption

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The #ProtectYourChildren Campaign Launch

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