LGBT Rights: A Personal Story

LGBT Rights: A Personal Story

LGBT Rights: A Personal Story 1277 679 Hugill & Ip
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Angus Leung and Scott Adams discuss their personal journey through the Courts that has resulted in progress for same-sex couples for the recognition of spousal benefits within the civil service and the right to jointly file tax returns.

Two brave and selfless individuals who have pushed their personal fight for civil rights to the forefront in order to achieve more rights that the whole LGBT community in Hong Kong can now benefit from.

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梁鎮罡和伴侶Scott Adams討論了他們在法院的爭取平權的經歷,這為同志爭取公務員制度中的配偶福利和合併報稅方面取得了重大進展,兩位的努力不懈讓整個香港的同志社區都可以從中受益。

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Will Ripley
So you guys got married five years ago and when you applied for spousal benefits here in Hong Kong: denied! Why did you decide to fight that in Court and tell me what that was like.


Angus Leung
As civil servants we know that the government has their own code of practice in order to promote equality inside the government and try to prevent discrimination against sexual orientation, so when we got married the first thing that I thought was how I can protect him and I can register him as a partner in my profile in the government. That’s why I wrote to the government and asked to give him the benefits but they denied it so, after a year long of correspondence, they still gave us the same answer all the time and we find that it is a dead end.


Will Ripley
Did you guys expect that they would say no? Did you know that going in? 你們預計到政府會拒絕嗎?

Scott Adams
Well, yeah. We already knew some other people that had tried to do it and it’s been denied, so we kind of were expecting that. We were pretty determined and we knew it was the right thing so we wanted to push it.


Will Ripley
You took on this fight, so please take us through all the emotional ups and downs. 所以你們選擇挑戰,能跟我們分享一下當時的感受嗎?

Angus Leung
It was quite a long battle for us. It was five years’ time, so in the first Court the judge made the right decision and we won the case but at the Court of Appeal we lost the case. So before the Court of Final Appeal when we heard that there was a verdict to come out, we were actually on holiday, so we cut short our holiday and we came back. Because of the Court of Appeal we had lost our case, even though we felt that there was a good discussion about the arguments, in Court we were still very nervous.


Will Ripley
It must have been just an incredible moment! And tell me about how same-sex couples around Hong Kong are now benefiting because of this.


Scott Adams
Firstly the judges made an unanimous decision that benefits will be equal in the public sector and we believe the same logic should naturally extend into the private sector so we are now trying to encourage a lot of companies in the private sector to update and modify their policies and secondly, regarding the tax benefit, the judges have made a decision that actually the tax law will be re-written to include same-sex couples and same-sex married spouses into tax law. So we can now apply for tax benefits.


Will Ripley
How does it feel to sit here knowing that you guys were kind of at the forefront of changing how things work here in Hong Kong? 知道自己為香港帶來改變,有甚麼感覺?

Angus Leung
We didn’t think we were doing it for everyone when we first started, but it was actually a learning process for us too because after a year you learn that there are many people paying attention to the case and you know that this case is not just about us anymore. We always knew that this was the right thing to do and we do want to push it forward.


Scott Adams
From our first interview, we actually had our backs to the camera and we didn’t show our face, so for us it’s been a long personal journey as well this whole experience.


Will Ripley
It’s good to see both of you full face. Congratulations! Thank you. 非常高興你們能正面面向鏡頭,恭喜你們!謝謝!

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