Vulnerable children and their migrant mothers need your help and protection

From Children’s Day to Mother’s Day, our Estate Planning team will write your Deed of Guardianship following your direct donation to PathFinders

Raise funds for children and their #WorkingMomsHK


We are excited about this joint charity campaign to raise funds to benefit the many unsupported children and their migrant mothers in Hong Kong

Bridging two significant days, the fundraiser will start on 4 April (Children’s Day)  and will last until 8 May (Mother’s Day).

During the fundraiser we will host a series of events and publish materials to shine light on the challenges faced by migrant domestic workers (MDW), and raise awareness of often overlooked issues  – ranging from the safety and protection of their children to job security for pregnant MDWs.

All of us – particularly employers of MDWs – can help bridge the gap. Together we can ensure that some of most vulnerable and unsupported children in Hong Kong are protected and respected, and their migrant mothers are empowered to find a path to a bright future.

As part of PathFinders’ #WorkingMomsHK campaign, we will also be discussing key issues experienced by female employees who are mothers – particularly expectant mothers and those with young children. How can corporates better support their employees on their motherhood journey to thrive on their work and family responsibilities – in the spirit of promoting a more diverse, inclusive and family friendly workplace culture.

The importance of Deeds of Guardianship

It’s sad to imagine, but should something happen to both parents, minors (children below 18 years old) will need a guardian to take care of them as well as make decisions for them. Ideally, guardians should be appointed by the parents in a deed, and not as part of a Will as this would need to be probated in the Courts and might cause unnecessary delays for the children’s wellbeing and care. 

Parents and current guardians can appoint other people to act as future guardians for their children who are still minors in the event of the death of both parents or the current guardians. In addition to covering the children’s basic needs, such as their living and medical expenses, such appointments will require the need to take into account the views and opinions of the children especially when the children are reaching the age of adulthood (18 years old) and have the capacity to make decisions on their own. 

Moreover, signing over temporary custody can protect your children in situations when parents are unavailable to momentarily provide for their care. It is especially important to consider appointing temporary guardians who live in Hong Kong to take care of your children until the appointed permanent guardians arrive in the territory or until you are able to do so yourself. In recent years, border restrictions or quarantine measures related to the Covid-19 pandemic have enhanced the importance of putting in place specific legal solutions in order to protect children.  

PathFinders is the only NGO in Hong Kong dedicated to supporting the unique vulnerabilities of children born to migrant mothers.

The PathFinders journey began in 2007 when co-founders Kylie Uebergang and Melissa Mowbray-d’Arbela rescued four babies born to migrant women in Hong Kong. Identifying a gap in society where women and babies go undocumented and unprotected, PathFinders was founded to bridge the gap on the belief that no child should be born alone and deprived of medical support, shelter and identity.

Hong Kong currently employs 340,000 Migrant Domestic Workers (MDW), with the number forecast to rise to 600,000 to help us care for our rapidly ageing population. More than 80% of MDWs are women of childbearing age, some of whom lack reproductive health knowledge. PathFinders therefore adopts an educational and preventive approach towards ensuring every pregnancy is considered and planned, thereby enabling a clear, stable and brighter path is established for every child.

However, without systemic and policy change, the problems PathFinders tackles will likely escalate with the number of MDWs employed in Hong Kong expected to increase. To influence change, PathFinders engages with the HKSAR Government Departments, Consulates, United Nations agencies, academics and key local and international stakeholders to ensure policies and practices do not actively exclude or omit to protect children and mothers it serves.

Find out more on PathFinders’ 2021 Impact Report

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